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715 - Faceoff 2-Lace Hoodie Fleece

  • Match laces to your decoration for 1,000ís of team and spirit color combinations
  • 2-LACES included with each hoodie
  • HIDDEN cellphone pocket inside pouch 
  • 9.5 oz. PREMIUM PENNANT fleece, 80% cotton/ 20% polyester
  • 3-panel hood for mascot/number placement
  • PICK 1 BODY COLOR, then PICK 2 LACE COLORS (See listing below)

Charcoal, Red, Black, Grey, White, Navy, Royal

Lace Colors (Select 2 Laces Each Garment): 
grey camo, white tracer, black plaid, white , silver, black, neon orange, orange plaid, orange, gold plaid, bright gold, chocolate, vegas, pink camo, neon pink, pink plaid, pink, red, red plaid, maroon, maroon plaid, purple, purple plaid, royal, royal plaid, navy, navy plaid, carolina, bahama, kelly, kelly plaid, forest, alien green, multi plaid, neon green


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